Best Dominican Republic Vacations:
Escape to Paradise

A glowing jewel at the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is the ultimate vacation destination. A single visit to the Dominican Republic equals a trip to a tropical paradise; one that you and your family will never forget.

Whether your family longs for an escape to nature, a spirited excursion to the big city, a tourist jaunt filled with one-of-a-kind attractions, a sporty trek through mountains and waterways, or days filled with vivid entertainment and luxury resort living, the Dominican Republic is the ultimate vacation destination.

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Escape from all of your worries and stresses at the beaches of the Dominican Republic; it is easy to lose yourself in 800 miles of pure bronzed coastline, multiple beaches distinguished by golden sands and sparkling azure waters.

Punta Cana, Santo Domingo (the capitol city) and Pueto Plata are only some of the vibrant big cities that distinguish this exotic area.

In these and other areas, you can behold the divine beauty of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, wilderness areas, islands, jungles, mountains, cliffs, rain forests, waterfalls, desert regions and natural monuments; not to mention dazzling waterways such as lagoons, bays and river estuaries.

So many of the scenic attractions here are beautiful and nature made; yet this area is also known for its bustling city life, luxury resorts and professional-level golf courses.

‘Stay in’ at the resort for a number of fun activities, or venture to the city to eat gourmet restaurants, shop at first-class boutiques, and take in the culture at busy city plazas.

Indeed, the Dominican Republic (known universally as Columbus’ door to the Americas) is also a renowned center of culture and history.

So when visiting this global landmark of a country, be sure to watch for special events and attractions such as the Dominican Carnival, the legendary Sundial (a national and world-renowned landmark built in 1753), the home of Juan Pablo Duarte, the Father of the Dominican Republic, and Espanish Square.

Sweep you and your family through the door to the Americas, to an exotic land of endless golden beaches, untainted nature lands and endless cultural and recreational opportunities; escape to the Dominican Republic today.

The Caribbean's Most Popular Tourist Destination

Punta Cana
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