Dominican Republic Beach Resorts:
Your Choice of The Best of The Best

The beauty and stunning surroundings that you find at Dominican Republic beach resorts is something that draws in many people from all around the world. To me, there is nothing quite like being able to just kick back and relax on a pristine golden or powder white beach, framed by tropical azure waters and fringed by exotic palm trees, flora and fauna.

Dominican Republic Beach Resorts

When you head to the Dominican Republic you can look forward to a great choice of exciting and beautiful beach resorts that are designed to suit every need.

The beach resorts across the Dominican Republic are stunning and perfect for the most relaxing and memorable beach vacation that you could hope for. No matter which part of the Dominican Republic you decide to visit you will never be far from a range of perfect Dominican Republic beach resorts, so you can find one that provides the perfect paradise in which to relax.

Some of the beach resort you can enjoy here

Beautiful beaches are one of the many things that the Dominican Republic is known for. Some of the stunning beach resorts you can look forward to enjoying when you come here include:

Boca Chica
Some of the main activities here are water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing which are in the quiet waters of Playa Boca Chica.

This is also an area where you will find some really beautiful beaches as well as plenty of gorgeous surroundings to explore. This beach resort is situated close to Santo Domingo, which means that you also have the excitement, culture and history of the capital city of the Dominican Republic within easy reach

If you are looking for powder white beaches that offer pristine scenery, beautiful waters and perfect areas in which to relax and unwind, this is the place to go, especially for the back-packing tourist. This La Penínsulá is a place where you can soak up the sunshine in the perfect tropical environment, taking in the Caribbean vibe as you top up your tan in idyllic surroundings.

Punta Cana
With its gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters gently lapping the shorelines, tranquil atmosphere and variety of water and recreational activities, Punta Cana is the perfect beach resort for those who want to combine the ultimate in relaxation with the ultimate in fun and adventure. You will find plenty here in addition to the gorgeous beaches and surroundings, which means that you can look forward to a really wonderful vacation experience.

La Romana
The ideal place for beach lovers, La Romana is a beautiful destination that will make for the perfect vacation. In addition to enjoying the worm tropical waters, this resort also offers a range of activities and recreational opportunities within easy reach, so you can keep yourself busy whenever you are not relaxing on the fine beaches.

Some of the better Resorts in The Dominican Republic

Paraíso Caño Hondo
Nestled back in the National Parks, surrounded by lush green trees giving an incredible cool feeling of tranquility. This place will disconnect you from all life's busy schedule.

Playa Esmeralda Beach Resport
A tiny place with a big heart that boasts all the things the big resorts have. This is a must if only for a few days or the weekend.

Casa Bonita
This is the place that earns five stars for its service, decor and food—making the other smaller resorts, well, second best.

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