Enjoy The Best Punta Cana Adventures
in The Dominican Republic

Water Sport in Punta Cana

Every individual has a slightly different idea of the perfect vacation; yet the Best Punta Cana Adventures will offer a little something for everyone.

After all, the terms Punta Cana Dominican Republic always evoke glorious images of sun-drenched golden beaches, sparkling azure waters and a bustling downtown area; and while it is always nice to just lay out on the beaches or take a tranquil walk along the dunes, those with a taste for true adventure will find much to like about Punta Cana.

For the avid water lover, the Best Punta Cana Adventures might take the form of a sunny cruise;

these excursions run every day in these exotic waters, and take on a variety of forms. Guests can lounge the decks of an ivory yacht or catamaran, enjoying a gourmet lunch as they enjoy brilliant visions of exotic sea life and water plants. On other cruises they just might be encouraged to jump off the deck—but only if they're wearing full scuba or safety gear, of course!

These particular excursions are intended for those who love to snorkel, scuba dive, or swim.

If you prefer a brisker trek across the waves of Punta Cana can hop on a jet ski or speed boat; and those who are truly daring can venture beneath the waves for an underwater aquarium excursion (where they can behold corals and tropical fishes every color of the rainbow) and shark encounter adventures (where they can swim free with rays and nurse sharks).

So you've seen "Jaws" one too many times and want to avoid direct contact with even the safest and most sedate sea creatures, thank you very much, inland adventures are also available on the shores of Punta Cana. Tourists can take a dune buggy down an expanse of pure golden beach, or drive inward through a tropical lagoon. These open air vehicles are perfect for driving in a lush exotic environment, where the sea breeze will flow through your hair as you make fast tracks across the sand. Or you can explore the true wilds of Punta Cana via a spirited jeep safari ride.

Maybe you have had quite enough of all things wild and exotic can seek other types of activities in downtown Punta Cana, sampling an entirely different type of the Best Punta Cana Adventures; here you'll be able to shop in exclusive, world renowned boutiques (hey, every seasoned shopper knows that clearance sales are a daring adventure all their own!) and eat at great restaurants. Or you can just give it all up and collapse for a long nap on the beach—hey, it's your adventure!

Montego Bay Marine Park

is home to dolphins, mangrove forest, glitter waters, and bewildering underwater beauty. It is rated as the best underwater adventure you could enjoy in Jamaica, and is regarded as the most popular water based activity for all ages.

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