Cabarete Dominican Republic Kiteboarding

Welcome to Cabarete, the kiteboarding capital of the Caribbean.

Cabarete Dominican Republic is the ONLY place in the Caribbean for the BEST kiteboarding with those wonderful consistent winds from the Atlantic where you can coast or flip on smooth waters!

Sugar sand shores and turquoise waters curve around in a horseshoe configuration creating ideal water sports conditions twelve months of the year. Cabarete, Dominican Republic remains destination number one for kiteboarding, windsurfing, board surfing and snorkeling for its natural beauty, sports utility and best bargain all-inclusive Caribbean deals.

The Caribbean Trade Winds are warm, dependable and create an ideal environment for kiteboarding at its best. The sensuous soft sands and immaculate waters at Cabarete have captured the market for expert kiteboarding instructors who now call the Caribbean home.

Learn the fine art of riding the wind and waves from the leaders in the industry with private or classroom-style instruction for rapid results to master the kit surfing craze. Ideal for beginners through advanced kiteboarding enthusiasts, Cabarete, Dominican Republic remains the region's hot spot to stay and play when it comes to extreme water sports with kiteboarding, board surfing, snorkeling and more.

Favorable wind conditions for kiteboarding in Cabarete exist year round, however, the best time to pick up the pace and fly high is during the months of May through October when winds can kick up to over thirty knots. Warm and tropical water temperatures and safe and sane wind action allows kiteboarders to reach their peak performance making Cabarete one of the most sought after travel destinations to put the pedal to the metal.

Cabarete is home to a vibrant community of water sport wayfarers who like to kick back and chill out with their new kiteboarding friends. Known for a place to relax and retreat, Cabarete is ripe with plenty of casual dining options and after-hours entertainment.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic is a snap to book with all-inclusive airline and hotel discounts. The all-inclusive package takes the stress out of travel, cuts the budget down to size, and allows you to focus on the reason why you are there. Kiteboarders and extreme sports enthusiasts, get ready to rock n' roll on the waves with hassle-free travel arrangements that take care of everything. From the crack of dawn to the last spectacular sunset, Cabarete kiteboarders know how to seize the moment and rule the waves.

"Kiteboarding" is interchangeable with "Kite Surfing" and in my opinion supersedes windsurfing. Why? Because of all the acrobatics you can do from 5 feet off the water to 50 feet! Also you can get up to 35 MPH and I tell you, it's great going across the water at that speed and we always leave the windsurfers behind! See some of the crazy acrobatic dudes hanging from their kites!

I had a few Kiteboarding lessons in Cabarete Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School which was about $60 for 4 lessons. First you have to get to know your kite which is available in 7.5 meters and up to 21 square meters. Laurel starts you off on the small kite and you get on the beach early in the morning before the wind gets too high.

Okay, there's a bit of sweat involved as you have to pump the leading edge of the kite until it is quite hard (I'll put some pics on this site to show you.) Then you get saddled with a harness and told about the three safety features in case a squall comes up which they often do.

The image of the guy and instructor on the left, is having his first lesson.

He tells me he was a Danish windsurfing champ and so he would not find kite surfing too difficult.

My instructor told me there were several 70 year old ladies now quite pro with their kiteboarding and really love the thrill. I didn't see too many of them kitesurfing.

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