Casa de Campo:
Chill Out in This Diverse Landscape

When you visit the gorgeous area of Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, you will have a real treat in store. One thing I love about places like this is the diverse landscapes that you get to experience—and there is plenty of breathtaking and diverse surrounding beauty in this fabulous Caribbean haven.

This is a great place if you are like me, and you enjoy being able to find seclusion and peace when you want it, away from the crowds, whilst also enjoying the ability to get out there and explore when you want some adventure. 

I think you will love taking in the gorgeous greenery and lush, rolling hills in this area whilst also being able to admire the towering cliffs and the powder white beaches. If you are a big fan of the outdoors and you love soaking up natural beauty, this is definitely the perfect place for you.

In fact, you will have the best of both worlds when you visit here—you get to enjoy the glorious climate and picturesque beaches that the Caribbean has become so well known for whilst also being surrounded by lush greenery and majestic cliffs that make this destination really stand out from the crowd.

Things you can do when you visit here

Whilst this is a wonderful place to relax there are also plenty of activities to keep you busy when you visit this destination. Some of the attractions types you will be able to enjoy in Casa de Campo include:

  • Water activities:
    With the gorgeous crystal clear waters that you will find here, you can look forward to a range of water activities for some real fun in the sun, such as snorkeling
  • Outdoor activities:
    For those that want to enjoy the outdoors but want to stay dry there are also many options available, from basketball and tennis to horse riding and golf
  • Recreational opportunities:
    You can look forward to enjoying some great food at the various eateries in the area, visit the shops in the marina village and take in the galleries with their fascinating exhibitions with local ethnic art
  • Exploration:
    If you are looking for historical and cultural experiences you will be able to enjoy attractions such as the Regional Museum of Archaeology or the cobbled paths and fascinating buildings at Altos de Chavón
  • Whatever you decide to do when you visit Casa de Campo, you will definitely have a vacation to remember, with the chance to combine relaxation in stunning surroundings with some fun and adventure in the sun.

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