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There are many cheap Caribbean vacations you'll find here in the Dominican Republic. There are even cheaper ones on adjacent islands but they are very third world and not recommended.

If you have explored some of these Caribbean vacations via the internet you will not find many cheap ones, for example, on any of the Virgin Islands and many of the nearby islands, will cost you big bucks.

The Dominican Republic has many choices to offer because of its very diverse landscape. There are many top resorts such as Punta Cana, Santo Dominigo, Cabarete and Pueto Plata—DR is now one of the top tourist attractions in the Caribbean.

The night life pulsates with the beat of merengue music together with gaming halls, night clubs and bars which sometimes go on until dawn. So maybe that is not your scene but hiking is, so take a hike up the mountains which you'll find a lot cooler in the highest peaks of the Caribbean.

If you want more heat, there's always the nearby jungle with first class guides to show you the most interesting places. If you like biking in the mountains, you'll find areas which are quite gruelling and is only for the really fit. If you are up to a gentle mountain bike ride and if you are on the north coast, there are gentle bike rides and not too strenuous...I went up there last month (June 2012) and we climbed about 1000 feet.

There are lots of easy climbs just off the Atlantic Coast, especially near Cabarete where all the windsurfers and kiteboarders meet.

You want to know where all the cheap Caribbean vacations are? If you are in Santo Domingo or want to stroll through Zona Colonial

which is the oldest city in the Americas, there are over 60 cheap places to stay in from five star hotels to three. Trip Advisor lists the average to the best.

If your desire is to explore some of the Dominican interior I would recommend heading southwest almost to the border with Haiti. We toured for a few days and discovered it was one of the poorest areas in DR. Our tourist guide, who is a Dominican, was educated in the US and knows every square mile of DR. Ecosystems have been put in place but it will take years before the soil can maintain healthy crops.

Part of the southwest is the largest lake in the Caribbean, Enriquillo, which is about 37 feet below sea level indicating how much the sea has risen over the past 500 years (as there were maps drawn up by Columbus showing there was no peninsula at that time.)

The Dominican Republic does, in nearly every way, offers the best anywhere south of Miami with unrivaled resorts, beaches, water sports, diving and windsurfing. So what are you waiting for?

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