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Dominican Republic coffee is something that has to be experienced by any coffee lover, with many classing it as the ultimate coffee experience. For those in the Dominican Republic the national non-alcoholic drink is coffee and when you try the coffee here you will find yourself enjoying a drink that is both sweet and very strong, which is perfect for those who like to enjoy coffee that has a real kick.

Coffee Beans From Dominican Republic

For those that live in the Dominican Republic, coffee is the ultimate drink and something that pretty much everyone enjoys. Dominican Republic coffee wasn't always of as high a quality as it is today. In the past it used to be less refined but Dominicans started refining their coffee more and more as higher quality international coffees came onto the market.

The upshot is that if you enjoy your coffee then you will love sampling the sweet, delicious taste of coffee in the Dominican

Whilst many in the Dominican Republic actually brew their coffee with sugar, hence the very sweet taste, some people do prefer it bitter and some even believe that brewing such sweet coffee can retract from the taste. However, sweet and strong is the general rule of thumb for coffee in this destination.

The popularity of coffee in the Dominican Republic

There are many different things that might divide poorer and richer Dominicans, coffee is not one of them. Dominicans from all backgrounds and walks of life drink this national drink and there is no particular time of day to drink it either—any time is a good time for coffee in the Dominican Republic. Coffee is so highly regarded here that it is customary to accept it if you are offered a cup—and because it is drunk and loved so much here you may find yourself often being offered coffee if you visit anyone that lives here.

When it comes to the production of coffee, the Dominican Republic produces a range of specialty coffees, with are sometimes known as Santo Domingo coffee. There are a number of coffee growing areas in the Dominican Republic, such as Neyba, Cibao and Sierra Sur. Whilst Dominican Republic coffee is generally full bodies the acidity and richness of the different coffees can vary based on the area in which it is grown.

For those with a deeper interest in coffee than just tasting it, you can even go on a coffee tour in the Dominican Republic, where you can learn about the growth and packaging of the coffee, find out about the lives of the coffee farmers and enjoy a unique and educational experience.

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