Dominican Republic: For a Stress-Free Vacation - and Cheap

by Trini Jimines

A Beach Vendor, Dominican Republic

A Beach Vendor, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a great place for your vacation or holidays. Although there are a lot of things that need to be put right as tourists flock in from all corners of the Earth, it is a "laid back" atmosphere and therefore quite stress-free.

The Dominican people are friendly and open, willing to help and give directions whenever you need it (even if your Spanish is a little weak.)

The street traders selling mainly fruit always hassle you at traffic lights or stop signs (even though drivers ignore traffic rules including jumping red lights,) they love to hoot which is a constant noise in Santo Domingo!

So if you are from North America or Europe you will find it a culture shock.

Once out of the city limits, the countryside is quite beautiful...and the beaches are becoming world famous with crystal clear waters; there's safe swimming inside the coral reefs and great fishing.

Tourism is now DR's biggest income as agriculture drops way behind. I would highly recommend a vacation in DR as it is quite cheap, friendly and stress-free with lots to discover especially in Kona Colonial, the oldest city in the Americas.

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Apr 19, 2013
Not That Safe
by: Celeste

Of course the Dominican Republic is really a paradise in the Caribbean but it is not so safe driving around Santo Domingo.

You take a chance with your life driving around this city with the WORST drivers in the world who have no regard for other drivers at all. Worst, the traffic police turn a blind eye to any traffic violations.

I will avoid this city like the plague and only visit the northern towns.

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