Dominican Republic Surfing:
Enjoy The Adrenaline Rush!

For many people, Dominican Republic surfing is the perfect way to spend some time when visiting this destination, providing fun, excitement of a unique adrenaline rush that comes from this type of water activity. For those who love their water activities, surfing is the ultimate in exciting, adrenaline pumping adventure—and what better place to do it than in the beautiful, exotic and tropical surroundings of the Caribbean!

Surfing in the Dominican Republic

There are a number of different areas that are perfect for surfing in the Dominican Republic and if you are heading to this tropical paradise to enjoy the surf then you should consider where you want to stay and whether there are good surf sports nearby. When it comes to the Dominican Republic surfing is an activity that many people engage in, choosing the perfect place to make the most of this thrilling water activity.

Some tips about surfing in the Dominican Republic

If you are eager to enjoy the wonderful surfing opportunities in the Dominican Republic there are some valuable tips that can help you to make the most of your trip by choosing the right Dominican Republic surfing spots for your needs. Some things to bear in mind include:

  • The best and the most consistent surf can be found in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, with Encuentro, just outside of Cabarete, enjoying the most consistent breaks
  • Many of the people who come to the Dominican Republic to enjoy some surfing are actually beginners who want to find the perfect place to learn and practice. A good place for beginners is El Encuentro, which boasts shallow white waters that are ideal for learners
  • If you are keen to find the perfect place to stay where you will have plenty of surfing opportunities close at hand, Cabarete is a very good choice and is an area where lots of surfers tend to stay so that they are close to all the facilities and surfing spots
  • You can enjoy the facilities at the Swell Surf Hotel in Cabarete if you want the ultimate surfing experience, as this is a purpose built surf hotel that is built not only for surfers but also by surfers
  • Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic boasts a number of great surf spots that are easily accessible and uncrowded, which means a more satisfying surf experience
  • The south coast of the island also has some surf spots but the surf here is not as consistent
  • There is a surf camp called Calle Bahia in Encuentro. This camp belongs to the hotel of the same name. The camp offers to teach the basics of surfing for beginners which also includes getting to know the sea with its ebb and flow.
  • Worth having a look at is Calle Principal where they offer a mini course in surfing, how to handle your equipment, how to catch waves and a host of other things all for $40 a day. They also provide a shuttle service from Cabarete to Encuentro for about five bucks.

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