Manojuan on The Island of Saona

by Louise
(Battersea Park)

ManoJuan Saona Island

ManoJuan Saona Island

ManoJuan Saona Island
ManoJuan Saona Island

On the island of Saona, we docked at a local fishing village called Manojuan. The people there are incredibly friendly, although they rely heavily on the generosity of passing tourists.

They cooked us a lunch of red snapper with rice, beans and salad. There's a small shop where you can buy beer or rum and a few supplies.

You'll discover lots of art stalls and crafts—very bright and lively. Want a massage on the beach? Cost only $20 USD for a refreshing 30 mins—this is the way to feel completely relaxed!

We swung by the Marine Turtle Sanctuary. There is a local man who decided on his own accord to try and do something about the dwindling turtle population.

Some time ago he started collecting eggs and putting them into boxes with lables etc, and taking them back to the place they were laid when they are ready to hatch. This prevents other locals and the animals from digging them up and eating them.

He's gone a long way in turtle conservation. Well worth a visit.

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