Resorts in Dominican Republic
From Punta Cana To Boca Chica

Let's review some of the different resorts in Dominican Republic that are popular with tourists.

The country of the Dominican Republic is a beautiful and vibrant place to visit and it is becoming more popular over time.

Therefore the resorts and choice available to the tourists is become more extensive. It can be hard to find a genuinely appropriate resort to reside in for one's vacation in the Dominican Republic with so much choice available.

The main tourist season is from December to February so it will be more crowded and the availability of spaces in resorts will be less. So plan your trip in advance if you are planning on visiting during the main tourist season.

The resorts in Dominican Republic are mainly across the beach front and take up some of the county’s most valuable real estate. The resorts are really the definition of luxury and guests are treated very well. All inclusive is the standard for most resorts in the Dominican Republic.

These resorts have the relaxed atmosphere of a retirement village rather than the crazy over built feeling of some other tourist resorts. Cancun in Mexico or Miami in the USA have been built up into an over developed metropolis for tourism. Yeeooow! You can get trampled on in these places!

However in the Dominican Republic tourist resorts have remained calm, peaceful and mainly elegant places of rest. They connect with the real country and are not built in fabricated tourist towns that serve only one purpose. Most resorts are a close drive into genuine beautiful Dominican life, and this allows people to relax in comfort and enjoy the country's rich natural surroundings too.

The most popular place for tourist resorts in Dominican Republic is in Punta Cana. This is the most densely populated area in terms of resorts and there is plenty of choice for tourists to choose from.

The reason for this being the main tourist location is simply the location. The beaches rival and rank amongst the top in all of the Caribbean. They have beautiful views, soft and pure white sand and really take people's breath away.

This area hosts some of the most luxurious resorts which have many facilities with one of the most popular pastimes being golf. The golf courses in the Punta Cana region are absolutely stunning in terms of aesthetic features and playing quality. You will definitely not be disappointed with the quality of golf in Punta Cana. Although the area is the most popular with tourists it does not mean it is necessarily sickeningly commercial.

There are a lot of small peaceful and secluded all inclusive resorts that give vacationers what they want without losing the authenticity of the place. One can still enjoy a vacation where they can order drinks and food when they want without feeling like they are in a manufactured environment.

In some all inclusive resorts guest can feel like they are simply there to eat, sleep and sit. But in the Dominican Republic there are still many all inclusive resorts which cater for guests subtly and provide the service without all the noise and distraction.

Some of the top resorts to visit in DR are;

After all, the reason people go to the Dominican Republic is to see a beautiful part of the world. Keeping the experience genuine and enjoyable, whilst also relaxing in comfort is essentially the ultimate goal for tourists.

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