The Southwest of Dominican Republic

by Marlan Baldarez

Beaches in Dominican Republic

Beaches in Dominican Republic

Beaches in Dominican Republic
Local Iguana Enriquillo

What I liked the most about the Dominican Republic was our trip down to the southwest on the Haiti border.

There was much to see and experience from animals, the changing terrain and how the locals have adapted and get by on living frugally.

The vegetation is sparse especially in the Barahona area where we stayed for a few days. Our second night was in Pedernales where the roads seemed to get worse as we got nearer the border.

Worse are those darn bumps they put in the road every 100 yards or so. I guess it does cut down on road accidents as drivers don't care too much about rules of the road.

Hey, the beaches were quite lovely with no other humans in sight for miles in Enriquillo. It's really worth the long drive from Santo Domingo to see these magnificent sites here!

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Sep 03, 2012
Isipingo Beach As it Was
by: Martha Delmar

I've been to Isipingo Beach in Natal (as it was known then) but it is not as you describe it any more.

It has become a really dirty place more like a shanty town with industrial building scattered around. During the apartheid era in South Africa where white were kept separate from Africans, there was some tranquility, no violence or crime. Now these things are rampant.

The ruling party, the ANC has not lived up to its promises and has failed the SA electorate dismally.

It is often said that things either get better or they get worse. There has been no improvement over the past two decades and so Isipingo slips into a third world where everyone suffers.

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