Weather In Dominican Republic:
When Do You Get The Best?

The weather in Dominican Republic is something that draws in many people from around the world each year.

This is a place where you can enjoy tropical temperatures, golden sunshine, blue skies and sizzling heat in which to relax and top up your tan. However, you do need to do your research to find out the best time of the year to travel in order to benefit from the best weather.

Great weather in the Dominican Republic

Whenever I am planning a vacation to any other country, I always do my research to check what sort of weather to expect during different months of the year.

This helps me to plan when to visit that destination in order to get the best weather.

This is also something that many other people tend to do before they travel—and if you are traveling to the Dominican Republic it is definitely worth doing your research first so that you get the benefit from the best of the weather in DR during your trip.

Some tips about Dominican Republic weather

There are certain months of the year that are better than others to travel to the Dominican Republic because of the various weather conditions. The temperatures here tend to be pretty consistent with temperatures of between 77 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the heaviest tourism here is found in the winter months, which is when a rising number of people come here because of the glorious weather. Between December and April you can enjoy not only the high temperatures but you also get to benefit from day long sunshine, blue skies and cooling tropical breezes—the perfect combination.

If you come here in May you might experience rainfall, as this is the month where the most rain tends to fall in the Dominican Republic. However, the rainfall normally comes in short bursts and is quickly followed by the area's trademark sunshine.

From June until around the end of November is hurricane season here in DR, which means that you don't tend to find many tourists here during those months, with the vast majority coming here between December and April when the weather is pretty much perfect. Remember that, as with most tropical destinations, you need to consider carefully when to book your trip in terms of timing in order to avoid the rainy season or the hurricane season.

By and large, DR enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year with average temperatures ranging between 77F and 88F. Sometimes the humidity can be a little overwhelming but a dip in the Caribbean sea soon cools you off. Along the coasts, the evening temperatures are usually around 58F. You could rightly argue that DR weather is almost perfect...and I would agree!

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